Statistics Required

The path to power is a long and difficult one. It may take weeks of your time, but you will be the most destructive thing in the world or server.

To attain this power, you need at least:

  • 300 of Medical
  • 80 of Kinjutsu
  • 500 of Taijutsu
  • 60 of Intelligence
  • 100 JutsuPoints+
  • 500+ of Ninjutsu

Powers You'll Need & What Order to Use Them

Get the bijuu form

Get the Gate of Death

Get the Ninja Art: Creation Rebirth Strength of a Hundred Technique

Get a 3 Tomoe sharingan and Izanagi

Activate the Sharingan, Creation Rebirth, Gate of the Death and the Bijuu form (in that order).

Why is this SO overpowered?

When you get in the Death Gate you will become stronger but your life will be consumed. Creation Rebirth will instantly cure you of this and when you deactivate the Death Gate you will die, but the Izanagi will save you from death and the Ninja Art and the Bijuu will regenerate your life. Not to mention if you're sing the Bijuu form you will gain another buff. So... if you follow all these steps then you will be almost invincible.

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