There are 26 ranks that I found so far in this mod here is the list of them and the NBT value assigned to them.

These may be usefull if you are running your own server using Mathioks mod.

NBT Number Rank Name Description
1 Genin
2 Chunin
3 Tokebetsu Jonin
4 Jonin
5 Missing-Nin Rank given when you leave your village and join Orochimaru in order to get the curse mark
6 Explosion Corps
7 Taka
8 Hebi
9 of the Bloody Mist
10 Samurai
11 Anbu
12 Medical Team
13 Intel Team
14 Anbu Captain
15 Medical Captain
16 Intel Captain
17 Akatsuki
18 Kinkaku Force The forces that took down the 2nd Hokage in the manga/anime
19 12 Guardian Ninja
20 Puppet Brigade
21 Academy Student
22 7 Ninja Swordsmen Elite group of ninja using swords in the hidden Mist
23 Kage
24 Akatsuki Leader
25 Sanin
26+ Villager
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