Mathiok's Naruto Anime Mod Wiki

This is a List of the Ninja Skills and their Maximum points.

Ninjutsu : No Current Maximum lol

Increases your Chakra and Chakra Regeneration speed.

Taijutsu : 500

Supposedly affects your unarmed combat.

Genjutsu : 200

The higher your Genjutsu is than your opponent the more it will affect them and vice-verca.

If yours is max their genjutsu wont effect you.

Kenjutsu : 500

Affects the kind of swords you can use.

Shurikenjutsu : 100

Affects the kind of shuriken you can use.

Summoning : 300

Is used to summon stronger creatures.

Kinjutsu : 100

Is used in sealing Tailed Beasts into yours or another players body.

Senjutsu : 600

Is used for sage mode.

Medical : 500

Increases you Health points.

Speed : 20

Affects your Running speed and your Jump height.

Inteligence : 100

Is used to identify Unidentified DNA/Read the location to Tailed Beast.