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Welcome to the Mathiok's Naruto Anime Mod Wiki

Hello! Welcome to the Wiki for Mathiok's Naruto Anime Mod! Here you can find a list of jutsu, mob information, drop rates, and more!

A Brief Introduction to the Mod

Mathiok's Naruto Anime Mod is an RPG Naruto Minecraft Mod. You earn level up, earn skill and Jutsu points, and fight some of Naruto's most Iconic Villains!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Sharingan? | Wait! You will eventually unlock the Sharingan over time. All you have to do to unlock it is play the mod!

How do I reset my clan? | You can't unless you start a new world.

How do I level up? | Kill mobs! From level 0 - 25, peaceful mobs (such as pigs, shadow clones, cows, etc.) will give you 1 Experience point. After level 25, you must fight Hostile mobs in order to level up! Vanilla Minecraft mobs currently only give 1 Experience Point per kill, however, this will most likely change in the future for the Vanilla Bosses.

How do I become a Jinch.? | It is very hard to become a Jinchūriki through cheating. To become a jinch., one must have found a tailed beast with a tailed beast chart, kill the tailed beast and pick up the "defeat token", and use the scroll to seal the beast into themselves or another. You need 300 Medical and 80 Kinjutsu to do this!

What's DNA? | DNA is for those who want everything. It comes in every kekkei genkai, nature release (including Yin and Yang), and clan! It takes 20 Intelligence to Identify the DNA and 300 Medical to inject it into yourself/400 Medical for someone else. It has a very low chance of working unless you have very high medical skill.

Is there a discord for the wiki? | Yes! The link to join is

Is there a server? | There is no official server. However, by looking in the #advertisement section of the Wiki's discord you will find many servers!

What's the Best Clan? | There is no "Best Clan". Each clan has it's own pros and cons. Some may not start you out with jutsu but will start you out with increased Kekkei Genkai chance and higher stats.

How can I contact Mathioks or the Wiki Team? | That's very easy! To contact the Wiki team use the discord! Staff are on almost all the time and it should be relatively easy to get a hold of them! Now on how to contact Mathioks I would suggest joining his own discord for the Mod itself! Here's the link

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