How to unlock?

If you have more than 150 points of Taijutsu, RightClick the item 'Taijutsu : Eight Gates' (5147).


1 Gate of Opening : You were born In This World Now Your Journey Has Started

  • Speed Boost + Jump Boost

2 Gate of Healing : Recover your abilities from your past life.

  • Strength Boost

3 Gate of Life : Dedicate your life to training your martial arts skills.

  • Haste Boost

4 Gate of Pain : Your father leaves after finding a new purpose. (tuff.)

  • Speed, Jump and Strength level 2

5 Gate of Limit : Reach the fullest of potential you can reach.

  • Speed level 3

6 Gate of View : Find your father.

  • Speed Level 4, Strength and Jump Level 3

7 Gate of Wonder : Your life is complete, everything in place as it should be.

  • Speed ​​Level 5

8 Gate of Death : Your journey is over, it's been a tough road but it is time to leave this world.

  • Haste 2, Strength 4, Jump 4

The Gate of Death will kill you when you deactivate it.

To close the Gates, Shift-Click the item 'Taijutsu : Eight Gates' (5147).

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