Mathiok's Naruto Anime Mod Wiki

What is DNA?

DNA is a rare drop from dungeons, desert temples, mine shafts, strongholds or mobs.

You can also craft DNA by combining two unidentified/identified DNA in a crafting table (shapeless recipe)

DNA serves to implant all the natures or Kekkei Genkai (exept keterugan) available in the version of the mod you are using.

The item ID for DNA is 4367.

How is it identified?

You need a minimum of 20 intelligence to identify the DNA. The probability of the identification working increases with higher intelligence, capping off at 70% (thats with 100 intelligence). The DNA can either:

  1. Get destroyed;
  2. Become a nature release DNA or;
  3. Become a Kekkai Genkai DNA when it is identified. 

How do you inject the DNA?

After you identify your DNA, it can be injected by right clicking if your medical is above 300. You can also inject others with DNA by punching them with it if your medical is above 400. If injecting the DNA fails then it will either poison you or kill you. If it succeeds then you now have the nature/Kekkai Genkai and you will be given a skill learner for it. If you successfully inject yourself then you will be given 20 minutes of slowness, weakness and mining fatigue along with 1 minute of nausea. If it is a dojutsu-type of Kekkei Genkai (Sharingan, Ketsuryugan, etc...) then you will also have 20 minutes of blindness as well.

The higher your Medical level, the higher the chance to implant a jutsu. Max medical (500) would bring with it a 70% success rate.