Curse Seal/Mark

1) Defeat Orochimaru and right click him. Orochimaru can spawn in swamp biomes. Find and defeat him again for stage 2.

2) You can start with a curse mark if you are part of the Jugo clan.

The Current types in the mod consist of the following;


Sakon/Ukon: Strength 1, Resistance 1

Kidomaru: Speed 2

Tayuya: Speed 1, Resistance 1

Jirobo: Strength 3


Stage 1:One eye has the mark and takes on a black color with a white-yellowish iris.

Effects: Speed boost, damage boost, damage resistance

Stage 2:Varies between types with each having general similarities.

Effects:Speed boost similar but slightly slower than sage mode.(Some variations such as Sasuke's get a jump boost.)

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