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Bijuus, also known as Tailed Beasts, are strong 'Boss' monsters, each with 10,000 hp. They granted a significant increase in the power of those who were defeated and selected within themselves.

Currently, there are nine tailed beasts available:

  1. Shukaku, Tail One
  2. Matatabi, Tail Two
  3. Isobu, Three Tails
  4. Son Gokū, Four Tails
  5. Kokuō, Five Tails
  6. Saiken, Six Tails
  7. Chomei, Seven Tails
  8. Gyūki, Eight Tails
  9. Kurama, the Nine Tails

Currently, Juubi, Ten Tails is not available.

How does it work?

In dungeons, desert temples and jungles, you can find a tailed beast chart that provides the coordinates for finding a tailed beast, once deciphered, requires 60 intelligence to be deciphered. When deciphering the tailed beasts chart, it will randomly select one of the nine tailed beasts to allow you to spawn it When you go to the coordinates and right-click on the attached Beast chart, the chat warns you that the beast is about to appear and advises you to distance yourself from the spawning point. After the beast appears, you will need to take out all 10,000 of HP's to defeat it. He will then drop an item called 'item.Defeat (name of beast tailed) .item' (Note that this item can be destroyed by fire and lava and possibly explosions, although this is not confirmed, it is recommended that you don't kill it with fire and lava) You will need 300 medical stats and 80 kinjutsu to seal the beast inside of you, right click while holding the Tailed Beast table and make sure you have the defeat item in your inventory. To seal the tailed beast on someone else, you need 400 medical stats and, instead of right-clicking, left-clicking on the person you want to seal it with. After you seal a beast inside you, it will start to help you (buffing) when you have little life when it happened a lot, if a varying amount of time has passed and you have the right amount of Jutsu points you’ll rise from level 'your tailed beast, this will give you more Chakra and a new transformation. The time required to 'level up' depends on your tick rate (on servers, it can be higher or lower). The normal time is about 50 hours per stage in the single player. Below is the amount of Jutsu points needed to 'level up' your tailed beast. Bijuu Cloak version 1: 20 JP (1st stage) Bijuu Cloak version 2: 30 JP (2nd stage) Bijuu Cloak version 2 + Skeleton: 30 JP (3rd stage)

Bijuu mode / Bijuu transformation: 40 JP (4th and last stage)


Jinchuriki (no cloak required): the bijuu will initially cause nausea, in addition to fire resistance, endurance, strength, increased jumping and increased speed.

Bijuu Cloak Version 1: The bijuu will give you 50 extra chakras and now you deal about 3 damage per hit while in the form. You are also a little faster

Bijuu Cloak Version 2: The bijuu will give you 100 extra chakra and now you deal about 7 damage per hit while in this form. You also gain a slight increase in speed.

Bijuu Cloak Version 2 + Skeleton: The bijuu will provide 300 extra chakras, in addition to causing 12 damage per hit.

Bijuu / Bijuu Transformation mode: By unlocking this stage, you can now transform into the tailed beast, gaining 500 extra chakras, dealing about 19 damage per hit and you can use their skills, for example: magnet release, earth release, wind release, etc.

Note: All transformations after version 1 of the Bijuu Cloak will have the ability to use 200 chakras to fire a Tailed Beast Bomb. Also, the bijuu slash appears to not work.


Currently, Bijuus have only three attacks; first, there is the Bijuudama (Tailed Beast Bomb), which after the impact creates a big explosion (WARNING: Still creates an explosion if the crowd is off), causing a lot of damage to whoever is in the area while also repelling them. Bijuu Slash attacks everything in front of the user and repels it. The Beast's Continuous Bombs Fires four mini Tailed Bombs and costs about 235 Chakra and deals 140 damage.